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Give Through Scholarships

Southwest Minnesota State University offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities including need-based scholarships awarded through our financial aid office, University Awards based on academic performance, and hundreds of merit-based scholarships made possible by our generous donors. Donations of any amount help students unlock their potential.

Named Annual Scholarships

Create a named annual scholarship by pledging annual gifts of $500 or more. A named annual scholarship offers a meaningful way to honor a loved one or assist students based on criteria you establish. Donors supporting named scholarships get the opportunity to meet the recipient at SMSU’s annual scholarship recognition event.

Contact our office to start the conversation of establishing your named annual scholarship! Call (507) 537-6266 or email

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships last forever and will benefit students as long as the University stands. That's more important now than ever, because SMSU faces intense competition from other institutions to recruit and enroll the most promising students from all backgrounds. It's not enough to make SMSU their top choice; we must make SMSU a viable choice. With donor support through endowed scholarships, we can do just that.

Contact our office to start the conversation of establishing your endowed scholarship! Call (507) 537-6266 or email

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