Sustainers - FAQ



Why Should I Become a Sustainer?

Sustainers maximize the value of their gifts to Southwest while enjoying the convenience of automatic giving. Your gift is on-going, which means that your "to do" list never includes remembering to make your annual donation to support current SMSU students. Plus, your giving is spread out over a 12-month period, rather than at one time.

How Do Sustainers Help Southwest?

  • No transaction fees are assessed on your donation--100% goes directly to scholarships, programs and projects that support SMSU students and Southwest.
  • You provide a stable and reliable source of income year after year.

  • You will help SMSU achieve its sustainability goals by eliminating the paper and postage costs associated with mailings.

  • You help reduce fundraising costs (mailing, postage, and staff gift processing time), which can be re-directed to support the areas of greatest need.

What's In It For Sustainers?

  • Invitations to special events.

  • Special recognition and campus engagement opportunities.

  • Complete control over your giving.

How Does It Work?

Set up a recurring credit card gift or draw from your bank account each month. Your gift will be processed automtically, eliminating the need of remembering to give. The gift is on-going and you can stop or change the amount or where your gift is designated at any time.  

Leadership Giving Levels for Sustainers

As a Sustainer, you can join one of SMSU’s leadership annual giving societies by giving monthly at the following levels:

Giving Level Monthly Contribution Annual Amount
Bellows Club ($5,000) $417 $5,004
Bellows Club ($1,000) $84 $1,008
Founders Club ($500) $42 $504
Century Club ($100) $9 $108