$50,000 Matching Gift Challenge

One of our successful alums is funding a $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge to create 10 new endowments at SMSU.

When a donor gives a minimum of $15,000 to start an endowment, the challenge donor will add an additional $5,000 to that fund. This creates a total impact of $20,000 for each new endowment.

This matching gift challenge is available until October 31, 2019 or until all 10 matches are awarded.

Why Give Now?

This alumni donor understands the impact that scholarships have on the lives of students. In addition to their already established scholarship, this anonymous alum wants to encourage others to do the same.

Endowments ensure that our future generations enjoy the same opportunities we have. When this match is fulfilled, we will raise enough funds to have a $200,000 impact. Now is the time!

What is an Endowed Scholarship?

  • Gifts totaling a minimum of $15,000 are required to establish an endowed scholarship fund.
  • Scholarships are awarded from the endowment in accordance with the spending policy adopted by the SMSU Foundation. Currently, the annual amount disbursed is 4% of the three-year average market value of the endowed fund.
  • Endowments may be set up on a 3-year pledge. No disbursement of funds shall occur until the endowment has reached $15,000 for 1 year.
  • An endowed scholarship may be named and the criteria may be established by the donor.
  • A Scholarship Account Contract will be signed that details the scholarship criteria agreed upon between the SMSU Foundation and the Donor.

To learn more about this special matching gift opportunity, please contact the SMSU Foundation at 800-260-0970 or foundation@smsu.edu.

Download the $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge flyer here.