LeAnn C. Tolk Scholarship



This year, the SMSU Foundation will name at least one current freshman, two sophomores and two juniors the recipients of the LeAnn C. Tolk Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes outstanding students through academic achievement; participation in campus and community activities and work ethic. Additional consideration will be given to those who are first generation college students and/or have overcome extraordinary personal, financial or academic challenges to achieve his or her success. 

A one-time $5,000 award will be given to students who have achieved a minimum 3.0 grade point and reside in a rural farming community in western Minnesota or eastern South Dakota with a population of less than 25,000. Nominations are accepted from faculty and staff.

The late LeAnn C. Tolk of Lake City, MN established the LeAnn C. Tolk Scholarship. Born in Hendricks, MN and raised in Elkton, SD, LeAnn worked at 3M following high school until her retirement at age 61. LeAnn’s legacy is to support students from rural communities and give them the opportunity to receive a college education.


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