Each year, the SMSU Foundation contributes about $3 million to Southwest Minnesota State University, with nearly $1 million going directly to student scholarships. Through the gifts of generous supporters, the SMSU Foundation and University award over 2,000 scholarships annually.


The SMSU Foundation is part of an extensive campaign across the Minnesota State system to raise awareness of the work we do in support of our students and universities. The Access to Excellence Scholarship Campaign seeks to raise $50 million for scholarships by June 30, 2018. Every dollar donated to scholarships through Minnesota State universities will go towards the $50 million goal. 


Together, Minnesota State institutions raised $39.5 million in new scholarship money during the first phase of the Access to Excellence Scholarship Campaign (June 2013-June 2015). This allowed our schools to award over 28,000 scholarships to students. SMSU contributed nearly $1 million for this campaign. 


  • Scholarship Support – Establishing a scholarship to support students at SMSU is one of the most fruitful investments you can make.
  • Scholarship Listing – A full listing of all scholarships offered through the SMSU Foundation.
  • LeAnn C. Tolk Scholarship – Awarded annually, this scholarship provides almost two-thirds of a student's annual tuition.