Southwest Fund




Nearly every part of the SMSU campus benefits from gifts made to the Southwest Fund. It supports critical needs on campus--every year--by providing essential funding for many purposes, all of which benefit SMSU students, faculty and staff and alumni.

Here are the key areas the Southwest Fund supports.

  • Student Scholarships - $80,000 awarded annually through various scholarships like the Presidential, Foundation Distinguished Student and Foundation Regional Leadership. Students receiving SMSU Foundation scholarships graduate at a 17% higher rate and have a 13% higher retention rate. Annually, the SMSU Foundation awards $1 million in scholarships to SMSU students.
  • Special Grants Program - Nearly $225,000 cumulatively, benefiting 70 projects, has been awarded to SMSU faculty and staff from areas all across campus. Awarded through a competitive process, priority is given to projects that increase student enrollment, expand student learning and promote SMSU in the region.
  • Academic Programs - Funding for specific academic department and program needs, such as past support of intiatives like the SMSU Undergraduate Research Conference, which involves close to 35% of students. With stressed budgets due to decreased state funding, departments turn to the Southwest Fund to provide supplemental support for their programs.
  • Equipment & Technology - Equipping class, lab and research areas with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. In partnership with state leveraged equipment matching funds, the Southwest Fund has purchased equipment and technology to give SMSU students hands-on training in areas that are in high demand by employers.
  • SMSU Alumni Association - Alumni programs and events, along with the highly successful Mustang Speaker Series, are funded by the Southwest Fund. Through the Mustang Speaker Series, SMSU alumni return to classrooms to offer advice and expertise to current students. The Mustang Mentorship program takes this even further by pairing alumni with students to provide them assistance in transitioning from college to their career.

 Donors who give to the Southwest Fund are catalysts in making all this possible. Every gift makes a difference, regardless of the amount. 

 To participate in funding these critical needs, please donate here.